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Halloumi Kabobs

Here's a great way to have vegetarian kabobs. Halloumi is a Greek cheese that holds up well to grilling and broiling. You can find it in the fancy cheese section of your supermarket or a Mediterranean market. Try a similar idea with Paneer cheese for an Indian version. You can easily adjust the servings by just deciding how many veggies each person wants! Use whatever veggies you like; I've made suggestions


1 pk Halloumi cheese

multicolor cherry tomatoes

multicolor mini sweet peppers and green peppers

zucchini and yellow squash

any color onion


grillable fruit like peaches

olive oil

red wine vinegar

salt and pepper

Mediterranean herbs like oregano, dill, mint, parsley, etc

Pita bread for serving

Cut any produce like the green pepper, onion and peaches into chunks. Do the same with the Halloumi. Place cheese and veggies into a bowl and add the oil, vinegar and seasonings. Grill or Broil on medium heat until desired doneness. Serve with pita!

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