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Khronology, n.


the study of unaging through time.

At Khronology Functional Fitness and Nutrition, we take a different approach to the concept of “diet and exercise”. Whereas the former implies a temporary activity with an end goal in mind, we prefer to utilize nutrition and fitness as an ongoing part of a permanent healthy regime in order to have optimal health at all stages of life. We achieve this through guiding our clients to adopt habits that work within their personality and current lifestyle, in a way that is easily adaptable as life changes.

While aging is inevitable and cannot be stopped, it can be slowed. Both quantity as well as quality of life can be improved as the human body and mind are very resilient and malleable. There is no timer within you that automatically causes you to break down once you have reached a certain number of years in service. Much like a vehicle, the odometer may state how many miles you have been driven, but the care and maintenance given greatly extends the performance and life of your engine.

Rather than exercising to reach a definitive goal, whether that be pounds lost or muscle mass gained, we believe in general overall fitness as the primary objective; the other goals becoming pleasant side effects. Functional fitness focuses on overall fitness to get through life without injury and pain, rather than just making sure you have “guns” or a nice butt. Doing yardwork, carrying heavy items, playing with kids, improving your golf game, staving off cognitive decline – these are all examples of life activities that can be improved with functional fitness.

Nutrition is also approached with a lifelong mentality. Diets do not work. Oftentimes fad diets are followed and possibly results achieved, with said results more often than not being temporary. Food should be healthy but also enjoyed, with allowance for occasional indulgences along the way. Nutrition is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body and mind from declining rapidly; however, strict adherence and obsession can actually contribute to the reverse affect.  To this we add functional nutrition principles – finding the root cause of your maladies and using food as medicine to heal.

A healthy lifestyle also contributes to improved overall well being. Laughter, quality sleep, avoidance of toxins, good mental health and other simple steps can be easily taken to enjoy life to the fullest while feeling great. While fitness and nutrition may be the prevalent topics in our work with you, these other factors will come into play. You have to have all pieces of the puzzle in order to be complete.

It is our hope that you will allow us to help you achieve optimal wellness to enjoy a full, healthy and happy life.



The study of unaging 

At Khronology, we believe in the 5 pillars of optimal health:


NOURISH AND NOSH – Eating should be done with a mindfulness of nourishment and fuel, but also that food should be delicious and enjoyed.

FUNCTION AND FORM – Exercise and fitness are important for a healthy, strong body that is able to perform the many physical tasks of daily life. We know you want to look good, too.

RESET AND RECOVER – Sleep, rest days and actions taken for recovery are vital to reaching your goals.

DETOX AND DEFEND – Eliminating toxins from your life where possible, and supplementing in order to mitigate those toxic things that aren’t so possible, will help you achieve optimal health.

LOVE AND LAUGHTER -  All of the above won’t make a difference if you aren’t managing your stress, having fun, and being positive. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured. 


Will Winsborrow, ACSM-CPT
Stevie Winsborrow, NDTR, LMT







Since his days in the US Navy, physical fitness has always been a passion of Will's. Having successfully trained and passed the CPAT physical exam at the age of 48, Will believes that you can have optimal physical fitness no matter what your age. Also having struggled with morbid obesity and eating disorders in his past, he understands the needs of clients experiencing these situations. He takes a customized approach for each client, helping them to have the best physical function possible at a level that's right for them.

In addition, Will has a culinary education and background with a focus on healthy cooking, especially in regards to fitness.


With education and over 25 years experience as a nutritionist and chef,  Stevie has worked with all age groups and a myriad of health issues and concerns. She believes food should be healthy and delicious at the same time,  and strongly believes in food as medicine. She can help you have a healthy relationship with food, while still enjoying life and achieving optimal health. Throughout her career, she has helped clients with other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, and includes this in her approach.

In addition, Stevie has a degree in Kinesiology and is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She teaches fitness classes and provides massage services.



“I came to Stevie and Will with a goal in mind to renew myself in body, mind and spirit after a downward spiral during covid. I worked with them diligently for four months, lone enough to “get in the habit”. Through their guidance and expertise I experienced the following: 

-An individual workout routine focused on my personal goals

-Nutritional Education and menus including my personal requests for Stevie’s extraordinary Vegan sauces

-Regular massage therapy

-Continued emotional support 

My physical stamina and weight loss along with changing my eating habits continues to help me get back to being me.  

Thank you both for your caring and concern. You are a WINNING team!!”

  - Marlene M., Colorado Springs

“Will and Stevie have ignited a passion to get fit and stay fit!

With my health declining and family history, I knew I needed to do something but didn't know where to start. Going to the gym 2-3 times per week was not yielding results; just more frustration.

Stevie took the time to get to know me - my busy life, my eating habits and fitness level. She explained why my body is doing what it's doing and how to correct it. What foods and supplements to incorporate in my diet so that I can eat better, sleep better and feel better.

 Will is very patient and worked with me at my comfort level; listening to me on different exercises and helping to modify as needed. As I became more comfortable with exercise, then he pushed me to go to the next level.

 I'm grateful to both Stevie and Will at Khronology for their dedication to my health goals and needs.”

  -Veronica F., Colorado Springs


“Stevie and Will are amazing! In just a month my balance has improved so much. I'm much more confident getting around!”

-Patsy P., Colorado Springs

"The food...well we just feel so good when we eat it!"
Linda K.,  Colorado Springs

"…has made such a difference in my desire to get and stay healthy! Talk about 'personalized' service … is not a one-size-fits-all chef or nutrition counselor. She individualized my plan, works with what I like (and don't like), gives many options and one thing that was really important is she can modify any recipe to be a healthy and tasty version of what I am use to cooking. I have enjoyed her pod-casts, classes and one-on-one chats. I am delighted to refer folks … and encourage you to give her a call if you are looking to make a healthy and nutritious lifestyle change."- Monica G., Colorado Springs

​" Last year I was diagnosed with Gout, and already had Diabetes ty 2 - and the two diets had some conflicts in them.  I hired Stevie to help me figure out what I can and cannot eat to keep me as healthy as possible.  In the process I have been able to keep everything fairly stable, and I even lost some weight in the process. …was happy to listen to my complaining and always asked me what I needed ...  I am also still able to contact her when I see a new product or have a question.  She also has some great recipes listed on her websites.  I would highly recommend …to get your food needs and desires in check for a very reasonable price!!! Thanks!” - Christie G., Colorado Springs

"Stevie is such a talented chef. She is very knowledgeable about all the different dietary needs, and she can cook for any dietary preference. She has a plethora of recipes. We are vegan, and I've been blown away at all the tasty meals she has made for my family. She can easily accommodate the amount of food or recipes you need each week. She is very professional, easy to work with, and has a great personality! " - Crystalyn J., Colorado Springs

"Two personal classes in my home on healthy food with nutritional value" - Bonnie A., Colorado Springs, 5 star Thumbtack review

"5 star all the way. " - Sally T., Colorado Springs, 5 star Thumbtack review

"…very knowledgeable about food and nutrition and shared her ideas in an easy and skillful manner. Thank you!" - Heather B., 5 star Thumbtack review

"Great food that is great for you! Plus Stevie is a very fun and interesting person" - Dawn B., Colorado Springs, 5 star Thumbtack review

"I am so grateful…delicious food that fits even the most particular diet or dietary restrictions. She does the meal planning, shopping, cooking, and clean up, all at an affordable price. I spend less money eating out, and waste less food from it having gone bad waiting for me to find the energy to cook. Very happy customer."
​- Larissa S., Manitou Springs, 5 star Thumbtack review

​"This is the best thing I have done, it is way less expensive than you think, you don't have to grocery shop, delicious nutritional sound meals/snack and of course my favorite are the healthy desserts :) What a treat. Room service for the rest of my life...." - Kimberly L., Colorado Springs, 5 star Thumbtack review

Awarded 5 stars on Thumbtack review by Tyler P., Colorado Springs

"… helped me with complete meal planning, prep, and cooking service. She stocked my fridge with 10 healthy, varied, delicious, organic 'clean meals' every week. She did all the menu planning with my input, shopping, prep, cooking, and cleaned up after she left. All I had to do was decide which delicious meal to eat. High quality nutrition is hard to manage as a working solo parent… helped me by both providing meals AND coaching on nutritional choices. She is teaching me strategies and techniques to do it myself now. She provides coaching, support, information, and 'how tos' to help totally revamp my nutrition and wellness. " - Lissanna F., Colorado Springs, 5 star  Thumbtack review

"Stevie has been cooking for our family for about 4 weeks. She has been great at working with the fact that my hubby likes meat, and I prefer vegetarian and gluten free due to health needs. She truly works to develop a variety of flavorful dishes and always checks with us for input before cooking the meals. This has been a tremendous help to us with our crazy schedules to offer us healthy, flavorful meals in the comfort of our home. Thank you, Stevie!"  - Maria D., Colorado Springs, 5 star Thumbtack review

"Chef Stevie has been graciously preparing me savory dinners for the past few months and her tasty meals do not disappoint. Her food is always full flavored and filling and her ability to cook in a variety of different styles is a plus for someone like me who enjoys trying ethnic cuisine. She is extremely accommodating and professional; providing me with invoices, receipts and even allowing me to easily make digital payments. I would say that if you are looking for great bites at a good price then Chef Stevie can deliver." - Paul H., Colorado Springs, 5 star Thumbtack review

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