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Massage Therapy
Back Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage combines Swedish massage and assisted stretching along with trigger point and deep tissue as needed, finishing with moist heat for ultimate relaxation.

60 min appt   $65

30 min appt   $35

90 min appt $95


Ayurvedic Massage

This massage begins with a dry glove exfoliation that stimulates the lymphatic system. Then, a massage using friction based strokes and warm dosha-specific oils followed by firm, slow strokes to elongate contracted muscles, ending with Marma energy point stimulation. A singing bowl is included in the massage. 60 min appt   $70

90 min appt $100


Head & Shoulders

Head and Shoulders – This massage includes the head, face, neck and shoulders. We begin with a scalp massage and cold stones, moving into the face massage including use of a Gua Sha stone. The neck and shoulders are massaged, finishing with hot towels and moisturizer.  Great for relaxation, headache relief, or in between facials.

30 min appt $40

add to any regular massage $30 additional


Reiki Energy Work

Energy medicine for emotional and physical healing and to balance the chakras. 

45min appt $45

Add to any massage $30 additional




Reflexology is a non-invasive holistic therapy that involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, or ears. It is based on the belief that these points correspond to different organs and systems in the body. By stimulating these points, reflexology aims to promote relaxation, improve overall well-being, and support the body's natural healing processes.

30 min appt $35

Add to any massage $20 additional


Aromatheapy Oils

Add-on Services

Aromatherapy - Choose up to 3 scents to be used in your massage based on your needs for the day $6

Hands and Feet Therapy - get extra massaging on your hands and feet along with a spa scrub $12

Cold Stones - cold marble stones used for massage on your face and neck. great for headaches, sinus issues and more $10

Raindrop Therapy - A series of 8 essential oils providing specific benefits are massaged into the back and feet $20

Post Massage Nap - Take up to a 30 minute private nap after your massage. When time is up, you'll be gently awakened to the sound of singing bowls. $15 (must book in advance or can add last minute if time is available)


Other Services

Gift Certificates - Choose a denomination or a service. Should be used within 6 months from date of purchase

After Class - Did you just finish one of our classes or a personal training session and just need quick relief? Get a quick spot treatment for just $1.00 minute

Coming soon - Thai Massage



Assisted Stretching / Kinesiology

Assisted stretching helps you improve your flexibility and range of motion, helping you to release tension and increase mobility. 

30 min appt   $35

45 min appt $45

Zen Stones

Hot Stone Massage

Our therapeutic massage with the addition of a hot stone treatment

60 min appt  $85

30 min appt $55

Acupressure Neck Massage

Lymphatic Drainage

This gentle massage works the lymphatic system to flush out toxins and boost the immune system.

30 min appt $35

add to any massage $20 additional

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Sensory Therapy

Color light therapy, vibrational touch therapy, aromatherapy and music sound therapy all carefully selected to meet your current needs while you relax. With the post treatment chocolate, this really hits all of your senses!

30 min $30

45min $45

60min $60

Can add to any massage 15min $15




Massage Multipacks

4 one hour appts $240 (save $5 per massage!)

8 one hour appts $440 (save $10 per massage!)

6 - 90 min appts $510 (save $10 per massage!)

Referral Discount

receive a $5 discount or a free add-on service for each client you refer who completes an appt.

Peaceful Candle and Flowers


Royal Treatment - get a 60 min therapeutic massage with a hot stone add-on, raindrop therapy add-on, hand and foot scrub add-on, cold stone add-on and a 30 min reiki session. 2 hours $140

Detox - get a 60 min therapeutic massage with raindrop therapy add-on, 30 min lymphatic drainage and 30 min reiki session. 2 hours $120

Mini Treatment - get a 30 minute therapeutic massage with aromatherapy and a hand and foot scrub add-on 45 minutes $50

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