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Making Fitness Fun

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I hate more than 30 minutes on the treadmill.  Why?  Because it’s boring to me, that’s  why. So it goes without saying that if something is boring, I will dread doing it and probably not.  On the other hand, I love to dance. My husband and I have discussed taking Latin Dance lessons.  I have dancing games for my Wii.  I have gone with a friend to Zumba classes. I am more likely to  get my cardio in this way because I don’t view it as exercise, especially not the dance lessons.  That’s a fun date with my husband.  Although I

guarantee we are burning calories!

That’s the key.  You have to make your fitness fun. It needs to be enjoyable. It needs to be something you would like to do

anyway.  If walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes is fun to you, by all means, go ahead.  If it isn’t, find what is.

Here are some ideas for making your fitness fun and getting more of it:       

1. Walking.  I don’t mean just at the gym.  Do you have a dog?  Take your dog out with you.  Even if you don’t always walk fast and with purpose, you are still out walking.  Perhaps you never get to catch up with a friend.  Take him or her walking! You should never exercise to the point of not being able to speak anyway, so use that time to enjoy a conversation. Vary your routes in your neighborhood, try a different walking trail, and have

some indoor options for inclement weather (the mall, anyone?). 

2. Play a game while walking – some walking trails have “obstacle courses” that you can do while on the trail.  You can also make your own.  This keeps it mentally interesting .  Have a couple of trees on the trail that you stop and do 15 upright push ups every time you pass them.  Every 10 minutes, walk backwards for 90 seconds. When you approach a hill – sprint up it! Adding fun things like this makes it a lot less boring.

3. Just play games in general!  Sports are great such as tennis, basketball, volleyball in the pool; find what you like.  Any game that gets you active works – even croquet or frisbee.  Even join a team or a league for some social activity along with your fitness. As far as indoors, get creative. Instead of poker, play twister!  Let’s not forget all the new interactive

video games like Wii Sports Resort and Dance Dance Revolution. 

4. Get an active hobby.  Always wanted to learn karate or how to tango?  Find some lessons!  Even if you can’t find lessons in your town that fit your schedule and budget, you can find instructional DVD’s. 

5. Is swimming your thing?  Riding a bike?  Why not?  Who says cardio has to be aerobics in a gym?

6. Be a kid again – go roller skating, play in the leaves, climb the jungle gym, jump rope, play “it”.  Your kids will love to play with you.  Even if you have no kids, it’s still awesome fun!

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