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Your Mobility Hangs in The Balance

Walking has conventionally been considered a relatively straightforward balance and mobility function. But for many, growing older means a decrease in balance and mobility and a decline in happiness and fulfillment.

Approximately, 35% of adults over age 70 and the majority of adults over age 85 have clinically diagnosable gait abnormalities. Gait abnormalities can lead to mobility limitations, which are associated with loss of independence, substantially reduced quality of life, increased fall risk, hospitalization, and premature death. [i]

Why the need for balance and mobility training?

A study published in British Journal of Sports Medicine found exercising, including balance and mobility training, reduce falls that lead injuries by 37%, serious injuries by 43%, and broken bones by 61%.[ii]

Adding a balance and mobility session to your workout routine will enhance your training, get you in shape quicker, and ultimately lead to a better quality of life.

Some of the many benefits of balance and mobility training are: it burns more calories by making the body work harder, creates muscular balance in the body, works and tones deep muscles, improves neuromuscular coordination by getting the brain to communicate with the muscles, increased blood flow, teaches your body to use the core for stabilization, and flatten that tummy. Balance and mobility training is excellent for improving poor posture and adding refinement in which you move.

These exercises contribute to better overall energy expenses, maximizing your exercise session, and faster recover from DOMs [Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness]. Basically, balance and mobility training will keep everything working as if the body were much younger. Normal everyday functions that have become difficult will return to their once easy ways.

Wait no further. Schedule a Balance & Mobility session with me and let’s get you walking tall, head held high, feeling good and looking even better!

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