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Yes, difficult to pronounce and can also be very deadly. Rhabdomyolysis (casually

known as “Rhabdo”) is a relatively rare condition that can occur when you overexert

your muscles to the point that they break down and release proteins into the


An example of this occurring would be what bodybuilders call “Junk Reps” or extra

reps that aren’t doing your muscles any good. Some have been known to try an

attempt 200-300 reps of some exercise and will end up with rhabdomyolysis. Another

example could be an inexperienced person taking an advanced spinning class,

finishing the class out of pride, and winding up with Rhabdo.

After the 200 reps, or an hour pedaling up hill, pain usually displays itself

immediately after exercise and worsens over the course of a week. During this week

your urine will turn dark, and pain will be intolerable. You may be unable to use the

affected limb or muscle. This will surely send you to the ER.

We must remember each person is their own individual, meaning 50 reps for me may

be okay but 50 reps for you could cause severe damage. There’s a fine line between

Rhabdomyolysis and normal muscle soreness, but experts say pain levels will indicate

something more critical is going on. The pain or soreness one gets after a good

workout is way different from this rhabdo pain.

The muscle breakdown products are creatine kinase and myoglobin. Myoglobin is

filtered by the kidney. In excess, myoglobin spills into urine, giving it that dark,

coffee-like color (which can be mistaken for blood). Myoglobin is also the protein

responsible for congestion of the kidneys and causing kidney damage and/or failure.

The good news is Rhabdo is treatable. Mainly with IV hydration, rest, stretching.

Ignoring the warning signs can cause kidney damage, heart arrhythmias, seizures,

permanent disability, and death.  

There is a rise on Rhabdo in spinning classes; inexperienced people push themselves

too far. There is also a rise in young men beginning to body build.

You must experiment with what weights are perfect for you or how far you can pedal

without pain. This may take a few gym trips, but you’ll get there. It is best to get your

mind right first. You must realize working out, in whatever form, you must realize it is

a lifestyle change, not just to fit into a dress or pair of slacks. This has to continue

until you are in a pine box. Secondly, start low & slow. Work your way up over time.

This prevents injuries of all types, not just Rhabdo.

It is possible to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. The first step is to contact

and work with me, secondly start slow and keep progressing and changing. Hit us up!

We’ll take care of you!


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