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Warm up, People!

Warming up before exercise is a necessary prerequisite. But often we don’t warm-up prior to a workout and that may be the reason for poor results and diminished motivation. Especially those of us that are north of 40, warming up before a workout is not only important it is indispensable.

Warming up is the act of moving your body, especially the body parts that are going to be worked, bringing the heart rate up, delivering blood and oxygen to muscles and organs. When your temperature is raised through warming up, nerves become sensitive and begin sending signals through the nervous system and muscles. Metabolism begins to increase. Reactions are primed and agility senses heightened. The movements are also priming the joints and tendons. Joint and tendon weakening, and deterioration happens as we age; also, if you’ve been kind of rough on your body like me. But we can repair and strengthen these tendons and joints-by warming up.

A warmup should last at least 10 minutes prior to a workout. I think that’s not enough time, so I prescribe 20 minutes. But 10 minutes is the minimum. If the warmup phase is neglected it will result in delayed onset muscle soreness, injured tendons, and stiff joints-that make noises like rice crispies in milk. The worst thing that comes from neglecting a proper warmup is disappointment and suspension of an exercise program. If you aren’t getting results and if your workouts seem lackluster, it could be due to improper warmup.

This is my testimony on warming up. I used to warmup for 5 minues-10 minutes at max. My right shoulder wasn’t as strong as my left. This was due to an accident I experienced a few years back (more on that later). I was doing fine but wanted to add some muscle to my shoulders. I would have to lift a bit heavier and I knew that was going to be a problem. So, I tried several different things, low weight higher reps, bands, pain creams, ibuprofen, etc. Nothing worked. So, I decided to just do a warmup exercise prior to my workout for 20 minutes to get everything completely warmed up. Well, I went 25 minutes and I notice the change immediately! I wasn’t completely healed by no means, but I was able to lift heavier and go longer during my HIIT and Metabolism Igniter workouts.

Now I never start a workout without a proper warmup. I understand time may be an issue for some. Our lives can get busy. But there is always time. Really take a look. I’m sure you’ll find the time. Finding the time now will just add time to the later years of your life. For those that do have an uncompromising schedule, I suggest on your ‘off days’ you do a warmup workout. This workout will mimic an actual workout except it is at a warmup pace with exceptionally light weight or no weight.

Warm up people! Trust me your body will thank you.


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