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Get Angry!

Anger is associated with a negative connotation. We are often warned “Try not to get angry”, “Being angry is not good for your health” “Anger leads to hate”, etc. etc. Anger, being one of our most primal and sophisticated emotions, can be used to our benefit. Coincidently speaking, all of our emotions can be used to our benefit. We are taught and groomed from an early age how to feel, act, react, and express ourselves cautiously with some emotions and negatively when dealing with stronger emotions. Emotions cannot be negative. Let me repeat that to hit it home-EMOTIONS CANNOT BE NEGATIVE! No matter the emotion-it is impossible for them to be negative. Our emotions are geared toward guiding us safely through life.

It was once believed that humans can experience six distinct emotions; Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Surprise, and Disgust. But a new study published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences-led by Alan S. Cowen and Dacher Keltner PhD (1) -states that there are many human emotions: Admiration, Adoration, Aesthetic, Appreciation, Amusement, Anxiety, Anger, Awe, Awkwardness, Boredom, Calmness, Confusion, Craving, Disgust, Empathetic, pain, Entrancement, Envy, Excitement, Fear, Horror, Interest, Joy, Nostalgia, Sadness, Satisfaction, Sexual desire, and Sympathy. Whether you are old school and abide by the big 6, or a believer in the new list, they all serve to guide us through situations, issues, troubles, and life in general. Examples: If you experience Confusion it is a signal to step back and reassess the situation in order to provide clarity. If you are experiencing Fear it is a signal to decide to escape or to face the fear head on-destroy it and turn it into Satisfaction. (And just for clarity, escaping something or someone that causes you Fear could be facing it head on and dealing with it-in the case of an abusive spouse or violent circumstance.) Once you change your beliefs toward our human emotions and truly accept that there are no negative emotions, then you can start to use them to your advantage!

In this case we are addressing and using Anger. Not just Anger – POSITIVE ANGER. When we get Angry usually we express it negatively and externally using profanities and often being violent. We also turn it inwards; we bombard ourselves into self-deprecation and shut down and let the Anger stew and boil until it’s expressed in the former. Now let’s try something new. I want you to think of an aspect in your life that is lacking or you are frustrated with; this could be your career, your finances, your relationship, your health or your station in life [living in poverty or being held down by those who lead] and focus deeply on it/them. Now feel the emotion(s). What is/are the emotion(s) you are feeling? Is it Sadness, Disgust, Pain, Fear, Anger, all of them? If it happens to be Anger-you are halfway there. If it is a different emotion we need to turn that into PositiveAnger. Do not turn away or deflect your attention from these emotions. Focus deep-feel them! Now slowly begin to remove the Fear, Sadness, Disgust, Pain and fill the voids with POSITIVEANGER! This anger isn’t the antiquated expression, it is anger built on a foundation of “I’m Fed Up!” This anger is the motivator not your enemy and let’s face it when we are angry it feels Powerful! And it is Powerful! This Anger lights a fire within us and blossoms into excitement-passion, determination and POWER! USE THIS POWER! Get Sick and Tired of the circumstances that are holding you back from your true self and your successful, profitable, happy, fulfilled life AND TAKE ACTION!

This won’t happen overnight. I only deliver Truth and Openness-even if it hurts. I’m not here to promise you a smooth ride all the way to the end of a rainbow dancing with a fluffy cloud. This process is hard-like anything else worthwhile. You must work at this! If you stay committed, I guarantee that the positive Anger will ignite the fire within you and you will begin to make changes in your life for the better. You are not a victim of your circumstance! You are in control of your life, your destiny! Now get Angry and start making changes. I would love to work with you on this. Start a dialogue below and let witness the greatest change you will ever make in your life!

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