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Spring Cleanse Detox and Reset

Good Riddance

The holidays aren’t that far behind us and many of us are still “celebrating” going into the month of March. Spring is upon us my friends! According to climatologist, Spring is the season of the year between winter and summer. During such time temperatures progressively rise. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is ranging within the vernal equinox (day and night are equivalent in time). Typically, March 21, to the summer solstice (longest day), June 21. But I am not a climatologist, although I do agree with their definition. Spring to Stevie and myself means a rebirth, new life breathed into cold dormant bodies. Spring is a time to renew oneself, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Revitalize Rejuvenate Recharge

Replenishing, Reconditioning, or renew whichever moniker you choose the importance is just the same. During the holidays and winter months we tend to become lax in our diet and exercise routines. It is difficult to leave behind the celebrating and overindulging; after all it was enjoyable. But now you feel…not so good. You really can’t place it. You endure digestive stress, uncontrollable food cravings (usually sugar), and poor sleep. Your sluggish, experiencing a low mood and dwindling energy. Your drive has stalled, and the scale has not. Your joints ache and your hormones are swinging like a pendulum. Now that its all spelled out like that…you probably feel horrible. Well good news! It’s never too late to clean up!

Let Nature Be the Guide

We at Khronology Fitness & Nutrition believe in going with the flow of nature. Nature itself is being renewed and riding itself of the old and impurities. Animals come out of hibernation and purge their bodies of waste, clean themselves and start to replenish and regrow. The trees begin to sprout leaves through crusted cloaked buddings. Seedlings sprout and eggs hatch, growth, birth, rebirth.

Choosing the Right Detox

There are many diverse kinds of cleanses to choose from. Often people will take on a detox they found online without paying regard to the validity in which it was created. Not all detoxes are created equal. Be careful. It is best to follow qualified, certified individuals. A few examples of detoxes are a Liver detox and Juice detox. A liver detox consists of ridding yourself of anything that the liver would need to process, (mostly contaminates, adulterates, and chemicals), giving it a sort of rest and extra time to cleanse itself. A liver detox can be very powerful. A fact most don’t know is we carry and hold on to anger and negative emotions in our liver. So, cleansing yourself of negativity will also aid in cleansing the liver. The time length for the liver detox depends upon the person and their condition. But it will usually last anywhere from 1-4 weeks. A juice cleanse supplies the body with necessary nutrients to aid in the cleanse while giving the digestive tract a rest from solid foods. The most common length for a juice cleanse is 2-3 days. But this depends on the person’s current health and experience with detoxing. These are just two of a myriad of examples of cleanses. The best thing to do is contact a professional and have them guide you through the cleanse.

Get It Done

So, should we all do a detox? Most certainly. A detox will benefit everyone. In the modern world we are faced with toxins in our everyday life, through the air, water, and our food. This builds up over time and will eventually cause greater health issues. So now is the time, a start of a new season. Let’s get together and cleanse ourselves and get ready for warm sunny days.

Right now, at Khronology Fitness & Nutrition we are offering a spring cleanse special. Plea drop by our website and take a peek. Take control of your health and let’s get clean!


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