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Without Fail

Consistency seems to be a major deterrent toward a successful exercise program. If consistency isn’t priority, a sense of failure is soon to be experienced. How do we stay consistent with an exercise program? Well to figure this out let’s take a look at the human being.

What a fine specimen, the creature human. We are creatures. We are animals. We are an extraordinarily complex and sophisticated animal, but still an animal. And all animals are creatures of habit. It is these habits that create our worlds and help us to survive. Humans need to eat, so we’ve created a habit of shopping, cooking, and eating. At dusk we secure our homes and loved ones for the night, ensuring their safety. This is a habit developed for protection. We go through our days unaware of all the habits [some good and some bad] that we’ve formed for one reason or another.

How does this help with consistency?

Well, we must become habitual when it pertains to exercise. We must develop a habit that will carry us through the tough times. Creating an “exercise habit” is the only way to consistency. We’ve all been witness to the power of bad habitual consumption behavior whether it’s sugar, junk food, or alcohol, that habit takes front stage and controls your life. Why not let something healthy and beneficial be a controlling factor in your life.

So how do I develop a new, positive habit?

It takes work. Everything worth while takes work. There’s no way around it. If you cannot commit to putting in the hard work in the beginning, exercise consistency will always elude you. The good news is a new habit can be secured in about 21 days. That’s it! Three short weeks and you will have created a fastened, solid base on which to build exercise consistency.

Here are some tips on how to get started building a consistent exercise routine.

1. You must commit to putting in the hard work for 21 days.

2. Exercise on Monday or whatever the beginning of the week is for you. This sets the tone and pace of the upcoming week. Completing the first workout will automatically raise your confidence.

3. Exercise in the morning. If you put off exercising until later in the day you will find a plethora of excuses to not exercise. It will also give you a clear mind and extra energy for your day. If you absolutely cannot exercise in the morning, then try to get short bursts of exercise throughout the day. (10 minutes walks) And once you are home from your day-do not take a rest or relax-get right to your exercise! The longer you wait the less likely you are to exercise.

4. Dedicate your exercise time as “YOU” time. Include a good stretch and hot shower afterward. If you belong to a gym, take a steam, swim, or use the massage chairs. The more you feel like you are doing something good and necessary for yourself the more likely it will become a good habit.

5. If you had to skip a day of exercise [which happen because life gets in the way] that’s fine. Get right back to it the next day! The longer you are away from your exercise routine the less likely you will continue.

6. Think of all the lifelong benefits you will be gaining by being consistent.

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